Daniel Roman from Colombia

I made this drawing for him like 2 weeks ago. Used copic markers, black ink, and a G.-Pen nib. He told me likes Dragon Ball a lot ( cause it´s like an anime that motivates guys to hit the weights hard) LOL. I had fun doing this one though I´m not entirely satisfied with the…

Fernando Chala, one of Colombia´s best physiques.

Made this drawing for Fernando Chala, a bodybuilder from Colombia and one of the country´s best physiques. He said he liked the drawing though i think I didn´t do him much justice LOL. What do you think?

Max Kleinke, german bodybuilder

One night, I wa surveying Instagram when I found this guy on the feed. His name is Max Kleinke and he is a fitness icon from Germany. I wanted to be noticed on Instagram so I took his picture and made an anime version of it. He loved it and we kinda became friends. Hope…

Manga Cover Project

Made with Copic Markers  and prismacolor pencils. An old drawing but I like it much.

My Main Character

I like people with red hair. It´s unique, colorful and cheerful. That´s why I decided that my protagonist would be a redhead. His name is Akhil, which is Hindi for “King”. And it´s not a random choice 🙂 It´s all part of my plan for my story. Here he looks confident and cheeky, but I…

About This Blog

I´ll be posting manga info on how to draw, mine own experience, drawings by me and most news about the upcoming series from Japan.

Mi primera publicación

¡Hola a todos! Es mi primera vez en un sitio como WordPress para crear un blog, así que estoy emocionado por todo lo que puedo hacer y mostrar aquí, un lugar para mostrar mis dibujos y mis conocimientos con ustedes; todo lo que he aprendido tras revisar libros y paginas web y mirar incontables videos…