Uzoma Obilor

What do you think? Do you like it? I like it overall, but the face still poses some serious questions for me, though. It doesnt quite convey his original face expression.

For this one I used a borrowed picture of Uzoma Obilor and used it as reference, then I did a rough sketch, inked it with Jet black Ink with a G-Pen nib and then proceeded to color it in a thick sheet of paper. The markers I usually employ are Copic markers or Prismacolor ones with the big and small tips.

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Uzoma Obilor, a bodybuilder from USA. He said he liked the drawing, which is good cause I had my doubts about the face.

For some time now I´ve watched and followed Uzoma Obilor´s instagram profile cause it´s good and very informative for all those who wanna keep earning about bodybuilding and muscle growth; he´s got a lot of info and tips for everyone who wants to pack on muscle and also burn fat. He really knows what he´s talking about cause he has won many competition awards. If you like the idea, go and check out his Instagram profile @uzoma_obilor

In case you haven´t noticed, I´m a big fan of bodybuilding, though I´m not really interested in going Pro or competing. I just wanna look as big and great as those guys because it´s awesome. Like Aristotles said: ¨there´s nothing sadder than a man who never got to realize his body´s true potential¨


  1. Thick sheet of paper
  2. Alcohol-based markers with brush, regular or chiseled  tip
  3. A picture for reference



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