Thinking Evil to Create a Great Villain

Recently I´ve found myself in a bit of a predicament, story-telling wise. You see, I´ve creating a fictional world for a manga I´ve been dying to draw and share with the world and become famous LOL. I´ve come up with characters, settings, social standards, traditions and stuff. But there´s one little thing that eludes me and that threatens to make this whole ordeal pointless, bland and UNINTERESTING…




That’s right! i do not have a criminal mastermind behind the scenes or soemthing, someone that makes the characters tremble in fear or that elicits somewhat twisted admiration from fans; I´ve got nothing.

I´d like someone that scares people and yet, elicits feelings of admiration (not for his crimes per se, but for his7her demeanor) All year I´ve been planning and all that comes to mind are plain bad guys that are simply bad just… because. That´s boring and worth of a children´s TV Show baddie.



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