Lovey Dovey Couple

Lovey Dovey
My friend David and his ex-girlfriend Mary. They were a nice couple.


I became friends with David in college during an English III class where he, other kids and myself  were assigned a team work to write an essay. For me it was nothing, having learned the english language so many years ago and with such ease that I could have been mistaken for a British guy ( once in Britain, a lady was surpriosed to learn I wasn´t a native : ) ) but, for my friends, and thta included David, it was like an unsolvable math problem.

In the end I did most of the work just to get it over with. Everybody left when class was finished but somehow I ended up talking a lot with David and before I knew it I was fast friends with and even gave him my number and started chatting everyday. That´s a s much as I can remember now.

Today he´s  my best friend and we text a lot about everything, like videogames or movies or music or books ( he ain´t much of a reader, though). Sadly, he lives in a different state now so the phone is the only way of knowing what´s up with him.

Anyway, the picture above is a drawing I made of him and his girlfriend because they asked me one day  when I shared my drawings with them. I like it very much because of the soft colors. That´s about it.

Will tell you more later. Bye

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